The 3 Objects

I interviewed some of my close friends, and came up with 3 objects that reminded them of me in daily life. Check out what they said, and how I feel about these objects!

#1 Bike

“I remember the experience of riding a bike on the street, rolling at 20km/hr, observing the city in a calm and elegant way, and that makes me think of Alan.”
― Hsiang Yu

I know nothing about the mechanic and structure of a bike, but I am infatuated by its rawness and simplicity. The reason I chose my bike is because of the perfect marriage between a classic silhouette and a modern sports vibe. I am always drawn to things that are futuristic with a vintage soul, just like the new Leica cameras and the movie Gattaca.

#2 Headphone

“A rain in a weekend afternoon makes me not want to go out. I feel indulged just from doing nothing special and listening to music on the couch. That reminds me of Alan.” ― Annie Lin

Music is essential to me, just like air and water. It might sound like a cliche but it's true. There is a Chinese saying: "senseless words result from no reading in a day." If there is no music for a day, I would feel emotionally empty. Don't ask who my favorite band or musician is, but please feel free to visit my Pinterest to view my favorite music.

#3 Wood

“Alan held up a piece of wood, showing me the texture, grain, color and how light streamed across the surface ― like it was a precious piece of art. He inspires me to remember the beauty of nature in my own designs.”
― Melora Zaner

I like wood, especially above two in the corner of my bookshelf. I’m attracted to their unvarnished raw texture. Together with the books, they create a dichotomy between illusion and reality. I also like to touch and observe objects and furnitures made of wood. I like the imperfection of nature and the perfection of human craft.