A whole new cross-platform
user experience

Yahoo! News for Apple Watch

This project was an interesting challenge because in the beginning when Apple Watch was launched, we were not familiar with it at all. At the time, we had to guess how users would interact with this new device. Apple's design guidelines provided us some assistance, and my challenge was to understand how to recreate the News App’s original traits and key functionalities on the minimalist and temporal Apple Watch.


Habit forming and
emotional connection

As a very personal and close-to-body device, it was important that the watch proactively provided users with useful and relevant information. I understood this would be a very intimate technology to most users, so I did not want to bother and intimidate the users with constant and useless alerts. With this in mind, I designed an app with news push notifications to readers based on a time point which the app is most read during a day or when an important current event occurs. It was also in combination with Sentimental Index, a functionality that adds expressions to each news based on reader's votes. The result successfully resonated.

Connected anytime, anywhere

Before I began to design the visuals for this App, I carefully studied the unique design features of the Apple Watch. I let the content look like it's floating above the surface of the watch instead of contained within the frame. Therefore, beside choosing a black background, the gradient element at the bottom of the design became a crucial transition in between the content and the watch. Large imagery and simple and clear headline in relation to Sentimental Index all became interfaces that connect to the world anytime and anywhere.


A first hand experience for users sensitivity to current events

As the Apple Watch launched, many users' curiosity about the app turned into compliments, and the App even became one of the best examples for Apple to showcase during the first wave. This result affirmed the value in bringing this cross-platform experience to other Yahoo! Apps.