A new face for a classic eCommerce platform

Yahoo! Auction App for Android

Since 2002, Yahoo! Auction has been the biggest and oldest C2C eCommerce platform in Taiwan. Yahoo! Auction has accumulated a large and loyal user base. Although the functionality and usability of the auction for users continued to evolve and improved based on users’ needs, the platform needed to evolve to meet the needs of our growing mobile users. Thus, our priority was to reexamine and redefine the new auction for the mobile generation users.

For my design tasks, I was responsible for the wireframe and visual design of the Seller Post and Item Screen, which covered the functionality for dealing with both sellers and buyers. I also worked closely with my peer interaction designer to define the flow of the Seller Post. The design helps users to discover the values of different sold items and eliminates any distractions for online trading in a simple, fun and intuitive way.


Starts with a special event that users value

This project started by observing sellers at creative street markets. The sellers are often young and glow with passion for what they sell. They demonstrate vivid personalities and enthusiastic attitudes towards their lives. When they are selling, not only do they sell products, they also project their stories. Thus, it was key for us to ensure that our platform enables sellers to run a brand that demonstrates each seller's personalities and tells the story behind the products in a quick and simple way.




Seller Post, a rapid and intuitive posting process

Snap, edit and upload! I looked into the second nature behavior of people and analyzed the must-have elements and information to close a trading deal. I arrived at an app tooled with powerful photo and content editing features. The sellers can instantly post an item within a minute, just as easily and quick as they could when sharing a personal photo with friends and family.

Item Screen, a smooth and clear browsing experience

A good storybook doesn’t have to be as thick as a textbook. I evaluated the necessary information suitable for mobile users, and extracted the most crucial information for the buyers to digest in the least amount of time. The hierarchy of different content is important. I carefully studied the hierarchy of the selling item information, and provided the buyers clear and distinctive visual traits. No unwanted noise, just focus on the stories of the selling items.

Behind the Scene

The making of Seller Post

By talking with the sellers, we learned one of the major hurdles for them to create a post was to make their product photos look attractive to the buyers. In the existing user journey, the sellers would shoot with their DSLRs, and then retouch photos in Photoshop, which was a tedious task and required professional photoshoot skills at some level. As the smartphones became popular and their cameras advanced, we saw an opportunity to provide a built-in tool to help sellers to tell stories about their products with beautiful photos, hence we added the photo editing feature to the task flow of the Seller Post.

Luckily, we didn't need to reinvent the wheel and build the photo editing tool from scratch. Flickr, another app owned by Yahoo!, has launched a similar feature earlier and built an SDK for easy integration. The product manager's decision of borrowing the feature helped to meet the tight design and development schedule. Here I created a wireflow to explain how sellers create a post from beginning to end.


A twist from the desktop version,
still makes users smile

After numerous tests, interviews and user observations, the Yahoo! Auction App for Android finally launched. There were over a hundred thousand downloads during the first month of launch, we regained young users we were losing, and the app received a 4.2 stars rating. We listened to users’ thoughts carefully, and worked closely with stakeholders and engineers in the group.